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      Brief Introduction

      The head office of Futaste Co. locates in the beautiful coach city Qingdao, Futaste co. has two holding subsidiaries Futaste Pharmaceutical co. and Futaste Sugar Alcohol co. and several raw material production bases, and has about 2,000 employees, owns total assets over USD 300 million.

      Futaste invests mainly to industries concerning of recycling economic and human being health, now chooses the functional sugar alcohol industry as own leading investment, which is, use corncob as raw material to produce fuctional sugar alcohol products like Xylose, Xyilitol, sugar-free confectionery and etc.; and use corn as raw material to produce Sorbitol, Glucose, Crystal Fructose and etc. by advanced bio-technology. At present Futaste is known as the most famous and professional functional sugar alcohol producer in China, and has very high fame within the global food additive industry. Meantime Futaste co. plans to invest RMB 1.5 billion to build up Futaste Bio-technology Industry Park in 3 years, and has completed investment of RMB 800 million until now. Futaste will realize an annual production of sugar alcohol products 600,000 tons, annual sales revenue RMB 6 billion and total tax of interest RMB 1.2 billion, and will then form up three major production platforms including sugar alcohol products, by-products and derivative products when total construction completes. Futaste is now striving for the construction of three major platforms including Polyols production, Derivatives production and Byproducts processing, to establish a world well-known functional polyols base combining production, R&D, supply and logistic. Futaste plans to realize its transition from separate product competition to whole group developing, and also from production of raw materials to the end products, to meet the requirements from industries of food, health care, medication, daily-use chemical, chemical and etc., and also to satisfy the needs of consumers for the functional polyols products. Futaste endeavors to make further contributions to society evolution, human being progress and local economy development.

      Basing on industrial investment, Futaste continually modifies development strategy, optimizing assets structure, gradually expanding to service business area, like finance, capital management, consultation and etc. Along with the diversified business mode, Futaste co. will further strengthen own profit ability and anti-risk ability. 

      During the “11th Five-year-plan” period, Futaste co. will make the most effort on self-development, guided by the scientific development concept, insisting people-oriented principle and basing from Shandong to full China and worldwide, will develop to be a leader having first-level manage team, strong capital power, high industrial image, wise scientific view, mature financial operation, broad global development and high-tech investment will, to create a famous international investment brand and help to establish more stronger and better high-tech corporations.


      Emailinvest@futaste.com Tel+86 532 80931866 Fax+86 532 80931877
      Copyright reserved: Shandong Futaste Co. Shandong ICP No. 05029475
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