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      Futaste New VI Release & Polyols Health and Function Forum hold in Shanghai during FIC 2009
      lssue date: 2009.03.28

      On March 25th, 2009, Futaste hold own New VI release & Polyols health and function forum in Shanghai during FIC. This forum was supported by China fermentation industry association, China food additive & ingredients association, China edible sugar industry of baking association, China confectionery industry of food association and China starch industry association, and also organized by National Xylitol technical & collaborative workgroup. 

      Honorable chairman of China fermentation industry association and China food additive & ingredients association Professor You Xin, vice-chairman of China fermentation industry association and starch sugar & Polyols branch association Mr. Du Jun, Mayor of Yucheng city Mr. Yan Jianbo, and other famous researchers, professors and VIP clients about 300 people all attend the forum. Mayor of Yucheng city and chairman of Futaste together release the new VI of Futaste to establish a new start of Futaste before these VIPs and specialists.

      Professor You Xin delivered his speech named as “The development trend of functional confectionery”, and other specialist also delivered their new research achievements by speeches on Polyols’ health, functions, safety and new concept.

      This forum is very helpful to Chinese Polyols’ market development and detailed understanding of Polyols.


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