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      Futaste transforms to technical core enterprise
      lssue date: 2008.08.10

      In August 2008, Shandong economy and trade commission and Shandong enterprise technology innovation promoting committee awarded Futaste chairman Mr. Wang Xingyun as the ˇ°Shandong enterprise technology innovation pioneer leaderˇ±. And not very long time before Futaste vice-general manager Mr. Tian Qiang also was awarded as the ˇ°Shandong science and technology excellent youth prizeˇ±. These prizes are set to award the enterprises and corporation leaders that strengthen self-innovation, build up innovation system combining production and research and thus enhance enterprise competition ability and distribute important achievements to the public.

      The leaders of technical core bring Futaste a new development mode, and the new mode attracts more and more attention. By more attention from the chairman Mr.Wang Xingyun, Futaste technical power increases rapidly. These years there are 8 test results passed the identification, and 60 articles were published, many technical achievements were awarded national and provincial prizes. All of these greatly promoted Futaste image.

      Meanwhile Futaste also strengthen the construction of own R&D center, including Professor You Xin, Professor Jin Shuren, we also invited Professor Zang Lihua from Shandong light industry college to be R&D director. Now Futaste R&D center has 6 Masters, the total researchers increasing from 13 to 21.

      Now Futaste R&D center has high level research ability, and distributes great achievements to technology innovation and production cost reduction target, and also is a strong support base to Futaste future development and active marketing competition.
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