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      Futaste Participates in FIC Autumn Show 2008
      lssue date: 2008.11.10

      In Nov 4th to 6th 2008, FIC Autumn show was hold in Shungeng International exhibition center of Jinan. There are about 200 enterprises to participate the show, and as the leading enterprise of China food additive industry Futaste declares own new view by blue color representing high-technology and stable power.

      FIC Autumn show 2008 first time moves from Guangzhou to Jinan, while it still doesn¡¯t attract many visitors because of international financial crisis. The coming exhibitors make good preparations for the show, and Futaste also represents a brand new image by using blue color instead of former ¡°green¡± color. The Futaste booth is designed in blue & white color, shows a fresh and shining image of the enterprise and also well attract the visitors¡¯ attention.

      In recent years, Futaste keeps on enlarging business scope and forms up an integrated development mode combining production, R&D, supply and logistic of sugar alcohol products. Futaste also pays high attention on brand construction as well as image building, and tries to give a deep impression to visitors and clients.
      Futaste also participated in HI Europe 2008 and API Pharmaceutical Exhibition Suzhou, to well show new enterprise¡¯s image and same time learn more info from other exhibitors & from local marketing survey, and also to help enterprise for a better forecast of the future development.

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