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      ¡°Futian¡± is awarded as ¡°China well-known trademark¡±
      lssue date: 2008.12.01

      Recently ¡°Futian¡± and related logo is awarded as ¡°China well-known trade mark¡±, Futaste brand buiding work gains further achievements after this trademark was awarded twice ¡°Shandong province well-known trade mark¡±.

      Trademark is an important intellectual property of the company, Futaste keeps enhancing the brand building work since it established and first registered ¡°Futian¡± as own trademark since 1998. These years Futaste pays more attention on building brand image and promoting the brand culture ¨C ¡°Continuous improvement of quality and innovation of service¡±.

      ¡°Futian¡± trademark was awarded as ¡°Shandong province well-known trademark¡± on 2005 and 2008. The award ¡°well-known trademark¡± is a high level prize among public in China given to the excellent and trustable trademarks and let them be different from the normal ones. The award is well accepted and relied by most consumers and corporations, and has a very high commercial value.
      Since 2008, Futaste faced many difficulties like rising of raw material price, lower export tax-drawback rate and global economic crisis, while we implemented many efficient measures and innovations, to improve internal management and build up outside image, and gained stable development. The award of ¡°China well-known trademark¡± gains a good start for 2009, and it will be sure to promote the company¡¯s future development and also help to enhance the international competitiveness.    
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