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      Futaste Gets Great Achievements on Self-innovation
      lssue date: 2008.12.20

      Three Technology Achievements Approved from National Department Concerned
      Recent news from Futaste R&D center: The project ¡°Wastewater further treatment and recycle utilization¡± passes the thesis defence; The technology ¡°Extract Xylitol from Xylose mother liquid¡± has been awarded ¡°National Food Industry Science & Technology Advancement Excellent Project¡± and ¡°Shandong Light Industry Science & Technology Advancement First Prize¡±. These two achievements show the technology strength of Futaste by enhancing self-innovation.    
      Xylose wastewater is one kind of worse pollution, the COD after treatment is still about 300mg/L and so it needs further treatment through sewage treatment system of the city. Futaste cooperated with some colleges rebuilds the old integrated system of the industrial wastewater, to transform the organic substances to methane by anaerobic biologic treatment for generating electricity; and to lower COD to be below 50mg/L by multi-level gradient treatment and realize the most utilization of the wastewater. Futaste also reduces the energy consumption, water consumption and waste emission dramatically by continuous innovations and reconstruction, so to add the product added-value per ton and improve the competition capacity of the enterprise.    
      Futaste develops new technologies ¡°Simulated Mobile Bed¡± and ¡°Separator by Sequential Simulated Mobile Bed¡± in project of ¡°Extract Xylitol from Xylose mother liquid¡±, to raise the yield rate of corncob from 11% to 20%, and lower the corncob consumption to produce one ton of Xylitol from 9 tons to 7.5 tons, all these obviously reduce the total production cost.
      The technology innovation is the important part in state development strategy, and also the powerful weapon of enterprise for future survive & development. Futaste builds up a provincial level R&D center and a professional research team, to efficiently inspire and share the internal technological resources and support enterprise development. The R&D center is made to be the important base for enterprise to establish a high level technology advancement system, and be the linkage between production & sales and also between clients & markets, for building up a platform for talents, information, technology, products and equipments, to insist the model function of Futaste to a continual and healthy self-innovation development.    
      Futaste always insists the strategy of ¡°Enterprise Development by Science & Technology¡±, focuses on innovation of new products and new technology, takes responsibility for some important technology research projects of state ¡°10th five-year-plan¡±, ¡°11th five-year-plan¡±, national industrial development, Shandong provincial pioneer projects and etc. Futaste gains a lot of international level technology achievements by self-innovation, and obtains more than 20 independent intellectual properties in Xylose and Xylitol production industry chains.
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