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      Visit to China functional city of industry department vice-director of the development & reform bureau Ms He Yanli
      lssue date: 2007.11.30

      On the morning of November 29th 2007, the industry department vice-director of development & reform bureau Ms He Yanli visits Yucheng city, vice-director of China light industrial food management center Mr. Jia Zhiren, Chairman of China fermentation industry asscociation Mr. Du Yazheng, Shandong provincial development & reform bureau vice-director Mr. Yan Zuoxi, Dezhou city mayor assistant Mr. Cheng Jichen, Yucheng city government official Mr. Yan Jianbo and Mr. Li Zongkui all accompany for the visit.
      Ms. He Yanli visits some industrial parks and economic & achievements show room located inside Yucheng hi-tech development zone. In Futaste biotechnology industrial park, Ms He detailedly asks for the business & production management, and she is very happy to know that Futaste has used corncobs to produce functional sugar produts and benefits also Hebei & Henan provinces by purchasing their corncobs, she says that Yucheng city is devoted to the development of recycling economic and now really fulfill the fully utilization of the raw materials.
      In the afternoon of Nov 29th, Ms. He and accompanied officials specially come to Futaste for a survey visit. Accompanied by general manager Mr.Wang Xingyun and vice general manager Mr. Xie Fakong, Ms. He visits the show room of Futaste and general manager Mr. Wang Xingyun introduces Futaste development.
      In the forum meeting, Mr. Wang Xingyun makes a report named "The recycling economic mode of Futaste pharmaceutical co.", introduces the four utilizations of the residue from Xylitol production with corncob, including edible bacterium culturing, biomass materials electrical power generation, fertilizer processing and fibre ethanol production, explains the Futaste continuous development mode to realize the recycling utilization of corncob resources and agricultural waste residue. At last Mr. Wang Xingyun points out that Futaste will put more effort to develop recycling economic basing on local economic situation, to contribute more to the development of fermentation industry and human being & society.
      Ms. He finally concludes, Yucheng city has good development trend and also Futaste has done well on recycling economic, self-innovation and high-technology development, the functional industry of Yucheng has being listed top position in the world and also forms up a new continuous development mode according to scientific development concept. And Mr. He hopes all of us can make more step forward to add products value and strengthen the enterprise competition capacity. State development & reform bureau will always support model enterprises and good projects of Yucheng city, to well promote Yucheng's development.

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