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      Futaste welcomes you to meet us in the following events
      lssue date: 2012.01.29

      Futaste welcomes you to meet us in the following events.
      1. GULFOOD Dubai, February 19th to 22nd.
      Be held in Dubai from 19th -22nd February, 2012, the Futaste team will be showcasing a selection of its ingredients and products.

      2. FIC Shanghai China, June 28th to 30th
      Futaste stand 2A40/2B41, at FIC 2012 in Shanghai China, which will take place 28-30 March 2012. Our specialists will be ready to answer any of your questions about our enabling technologies, products and services.

      E??mail??sales@futaste.com Tel??86 534 7269256 Fax??86 534 2125289
      Copyright reserved: Shandong Futaste Co. Shandong ICP No. 05029475
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