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      Futaste ¡°L-Arabinose¡± ¡ª¡ªnew choice for functional food
      lssue date: 2013.05.21

      On March 26-28, Futaste shows its Novel Food ¡°L-Arabinose¡± on 2013 FIC at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. FIC is the largest and most authoritative international show on food additives & ingredients industry in Asia, which focuses on the leading companies and displays the latest products and techniques. During the exhibition, Futaste ¡°L-Arabinose¡± has been the new star for functional food to enhance nutritional value.
      Clinical trials have shown, Futaste ¡°L-Arabinose¡± can inhibit intestinal sucrase activity via non-competitive manner, which cause part of intake sugars can not be decomposed or absorbed completely. Therefore, Futaste ¡°L-Arabinose¡± can balance the intake and consumption of daily energy and have an effect on the regulation of weight and blood glucose. For its unique physiological function, Futaste ¡°L-Arabinose¡± can be widely applied in various functional food.
      1. Used as sweetener partial substitute sucrose or functional sugar for hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia;
      2. Functional beverage;
      3. Functional capsule to control weight;
      4. Candy and chocolates;
      5. Bakery;
      6. Other application on Perfume synthesis, Chemical industry and Biochemical reagent.
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