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      Futaste Dulcitol Extraction Technology Wins First Prize of Science & Technology Advancement Award
      lssue date: 2008.01.17

      In the selection of 2007 Shandong Light Industry Science & Technology Advancement Award, Futaste pharmaceutical company wins the first prize by project ¡°Extract Dulcitol from Xylose mother liquid¡±. The extraction technology is developed by Futaste itself and state level Xylitol project team from the state ¡°Torch Plan¡±. This award is the other big achievement after Yucheng city being honored as ¡°China Functional Sugar City¡±.

      Dulcitol is also named Euonymus alcohol or Galactitol, it is a high-value-added biological reagent and raw material to medicine, and mainly is used for bacterium discrimination, substrate formula, rheumatism cure, anti- leucocythemia and drug forming, is an important sugar alcohol in biological research and disease prevention & cure. The Dulcitol injection liquid is also a very important medicine to cure rheumatism and leucocythemia. Dulcitol is very difficult in production and has high marketing price.

      Futaste establish a special team to make research on ¡°Improve the integrated utilization rate of Xylose mother liquid¡±, and after several experimentations and about RMB 200,000 R&D investment successfully develop a new technology ¡°Extract Dulcitol from Xylose mother liquid¡±. The new technology improves the utilization rate of Xylose mother liquid and the total yield rate of the Xylitol production using corncob, and same time lower the total production consumption and cost, also provides a new method for Dulcitol production. This innovation research is very new in the world and reaches very high international level.

      The award shows that Futaste has been at the leading position of the technology R&D ability in Shandong province and kept own fast development.

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