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      Xylitol Nutritional Injection Benefits Diabetics
      lssue date: 2008.08.28

      The nutritional injection is used widely in the clinical medicine, and mainly to supply the basic carbohydrate, fat, amino acid, vitamin and microelement. Xylitol is widely used in the nutritional injection in the world, West Germany and Japan were the first two countries to use Xylitol in the injection. Japan took a very important place in the production of Xylitol injection, and from 1974 to 1978 the Xylitol injection production value of Japan had been similar as the normal glucose injection and even more than other anti-diabetes medicine¡¯s value. Now the total nutritional injection market is quite big in China, and is estimated a potential requirement about 7 billion pc/bottle.

      The traditional nutritional injection faces problems
      Currently the most popular nutritional injections in China for clinical medicine purpose are four types which are injection of glucose, fat emulsion, amino acid and vitamin & microelement. In a very long period of time, glucose injection takes the No.1 place of all others, over 90% market percentage.
      Although the total market is a big cake, the competition between new type of nutritional injection and traditional ones represented by glucose injection is very severe. According to the statistic, there are more than 100 traditional nutritional injection manufacturers in China in 2006, while none of them takes up over 10% market percentage. The glucose injection shows out more and more disadvantages like glucose¡¯ metabolism relies on insulin; slow metabolism in body and easily causes effect to blood sugar level and thus exacerbate the diabetes; stoppage to the fat decomposition and cause organic nitride; single element and hard for supplementary of other nutrition and etc. These advantages of the traditional injection can¡¯t meet with the clinical medicine requirements of hospital like incretion section, liver & gall section, surgery and others, and so these traditional injections have less and less market share and lower and lower price. In the future, we can say that the traditional types of injection are going into low profit period and their weak manufacturers will gradually be eliminated.

      Xylitol injection has wide market prospect.
      1) Xylitol injection has been widely used as nutrition injection in clinical medicine in many western countries, and gains great trust by doctors and patients.
      2) Diabetic number grows rapidly along with economic development, and there are also more and more obesity, hepatitis and first-aid patients, and so Xylitol nutritional injection will be more and more popular.
      3) According report from world health organization, the death toll of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetic and cancer nearly takes up 50% of total every year. The WHO suggests that nutrition is a very important basis to overcome these four key killers, and so we believe the Xylitol nutritional injection used as the nutrition supplementary has very wide market prospect.
      Function of Xylitol injection
      As a new type injection, Xylitol will not be affected by insulin and good to reduce blood sugar level, similar treatment as D860, can be considered also as an effective medicine to control blood sugar level. And Xylitol injection can be widely used in clinical medicine as a balance for the abnormal metabolism of blood sugar, protein and fat, and is used as the specific nutritional injection to sucrose-limitation patients.

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