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      The target and ¡°11th Five-year-plan¡± of Chinese Polyols industry
      lssue date: 2008.03.16

      Info from Ms Yu Shumin, the Polyols branch association secretary-general of China fermentation industry association, the guide principle in ¡°11th five-year-plan¡± of polyols development is to keep on new type industrialization way, directed by marketing requirements, and further raise the general level of whole industry; optimize the district layout, enhance the raw material base instruction, gradually forms up industry chain and enterprise cluster; transform production mode, strengthen energy saving and promote resources further process, multi-utilization and recycling economy; to improve the self-innovation and technology development, to develop a new way for polyols industry, and care more to resources, treat well environment and insist recycling economy, to really implement our development goal of ¡°11th five-year-plan¡±.

      1. Improve product quality, reduce production cost and exploit application area.
      2. Steadily enlarge the scale and production capacity. Increase the annual production value from 5.94 billion RMB of 2006 to 10.4 billion RMB in 2010, the annual growth rate plans to be 15%.
      3. Strengthen energy-saving and pollutant emission-reduction, and improve the sustainable development ability. The target is: three wastes emission all meet with national standard; energy consumption per unit output value reduces 20%; water amount per unit production add-value reduces 30%; utilization rate of solid wastes over 80% and main pollutant emission reduces 10%.
      4. Comprehensive utilization of the cereals and resources. The main targets are especially to the utilization & further process of the 30% non-starch compound which are fibre, protein powder, germ, soak water and etc; raise the technology content and add-value of by-products, and to make the utilization rate to be 90% and the sales value to be over 50% of the main product starch sugar.

      To realize the ¡°11th five-year plan¡±, the polyol industry development will mainly focus on following points.
      1.Marketing promotion: develop more sales channels and raise the marketing recognition. Strengthen the marketing propaganda esp. to polyol¡¯s functions, discover new increasing capacity, expand polyols¡¯ application areas and promote more products to the international market.
      2.Technology innovation: increase the investment on technology, support more to develop advanced technical facilities and also equipments manufacturing. Encourage the R& D to the key technology and equipments, and promote the development and transfer of the products owning independent intellectual property. Speed up the industrialization of high-tech achievements, and attract & educate more experts.
      3.Pollutant emission-reduction: develop recycle economy, and implement the emission-reduction task. By promoting the membrane and chromatographic technology, to realize the improvement of product quality, the closing recycle and reclaim of main product; fully use the waste water and residues, to realize zero-pollutant emission and resource-saving.
      4.Standards implementation: establish and modify the product standard, and keep safety. Build up a unified and professional certificate system, and same time adjust the safety assessment and monitoring system. Under the cooperation of each departments, to well ensure the safety and standard of polyols during the full procedures including raw material, manufacturing, package, transportation and consumption.    
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