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      ”¶Food mark management regulations”·formally implements
      lssue date: 2008.09.01

      Since September 1st, issued by national quality inspection bureau is formally implemented, and same time the original is abolished. The new regulation clearly clarifies that there will be ”°Six disallow”± to the food marks.

      1.Disallow the forgery of the production date and shelf life date. Including the date, it is also disallowed for the forgery of food name, production area, manufacturer and address, otherwise the forger will be fined from RMB 500 to 10,000, and can also be punished by related laws or administration regulations if the circumstance is severe or causes severe result.
      2.Disallow the over-exaggeration of the medical function by food mark. 7 kinds of contents can not be shown in the food marks, like clarify or hint any prevention or cure functions; non-health food clarify or hint to have health-care function; introduce or describe food by the way of cheating or misguide; no proof for the function of added content; disallow to use national flag, national emblem or RMB to be the food mark, and etc. It means that the marks like ”°antitussive and antiasthmatic”±, ”°antipyretic and antidotal”±, ”°enhance memory ability”± will be illegal.
      3.Disallow freely marks like ”°nutrition”± and ”°enrich”±. If food is marked ”°nutritional”± or ”°enriched”± characters, the producer must also mark the nutrition content and calorie quantity of the product according to the requirements of related regulation standards and also should meet with these requirements.
      4.Disallow unmark the antiseptic. Producer must clearly mark out the specific ingredient names in food additive list when add sweeteners, antiseptic, colorant into the food; if add other food additives, producer can mark out the specific name, type or code. All these ingredients need to be used according to requirements of related regulations.
      5.Disallow the missing of ”°food producer area”±. In this new regulation, it adds a new rule that the food mark must show clearly the food producer area and label to the city area according to districts marked by the national administration standard.
      6.Disallow the missing of Chinese warning words for some special food. There are some special foods that must have Chinese warning words or instructions, like food having medical clinic prove or easily being harmful to special people, food being done with ionizing-radiation or ionizing energy, transgenic food or food containing transgenic raw materials, and other food should be marked with Chinese instructions according to regulations.
      The new regulation will be formally checked since December 1st 2008, and the products produced from Sep 1st to Dec 1st will not be punished.
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