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      1st China Fermentation Industry Summit Forum
      lssue date: 2007.11.30

      From November 28th to 30th 2007, ¡°1st China fermentation industry summit forum and national biological fermentation technology & equipments exhibition¡± approved by China light industry union, hosted by China fermentation industry association, supported by Futaste and Novozymes, was hold in Jinan Shungeng international exhibition center.

      On November 28th, 9 o¡¯clock in the morning, the fermentation industry summit forum formally opens up. State PPCC member, vice chairman of China Light industry union, Honor chief director of China fermentation industry association Ms. Pan Beilei, department head of National development & reform committee Ms. He Yanli, founder of China functional sugar alcohol industry, honor chairman of China fermentation industry association Dr. You Xin, chief Chairman of China fermentation industry association Mr. Shi Weichen, vice chairman Mr. Du Jun, and enterprises representatives all attend the opening ceremony.

      The forum was hosted by chief chairman of China fermentation industry association Mr. Shi Weichen, and Ms. Pan Beilei firstly makes her speech on the national fermentation industry current conditions and future development. Ms. Pan says, technology is the strength and power, the development of the industry needs to enhance the construction of the production & research system, to promote recycle economic and benefit the enterprise. And then Ms. He Yanli introduces the state policy on corn-concern industry.

      Vice-chairman of China fermentation industry association Mr. Du Jun announces the name list of enterprises awarded AAA credit level, Ms Pan Beilei, Ms. He Yanli, Dr. You Xin, Mr. Shi Weichen award the 15 honor-wining enterprises including Futaste, Angel Yeast company and etc. Finally the leaders and industry professionals cut the ribbon for the 1st national biological fermentation industry technology & equipments exhibition.
      The state fermentation summit forum and some technology proseminars concerning aminophenol, organic acid and enzyme are also hold same time with the exhibition. In the proseminar, Yucheng city mayor Mr. Yan Jianbo makes an important speech named as ¡°The construction and development of China Functional Sugar City¡±. Mr. Yan analysis the development conditions of concerning enterprises of Yucheng, and points out that all these sugar alcohol manufacturers have obvious advantages ¡°big scale, high production profit and strong technology advantage¡±, while also have disadvantages like less end products and less fame & recognition of the products. Yucheng government officials will enhance the propagandas of these enterprises.

      There are about 100 enterprises joining the exhibition, and a lot of key enterprises showing their images to public. The exhibition has great meaning for better promoting the industry development and enhancing the communication, and also for encouraging the concept of continuous development and maximum lowering the resources consumption and waste emission.

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